Thursday, February 28, 2013


Do bad reviews of your latest novel upset you? Do you dread reading suggestion from an editor? Here’s a way to feel better - at least if the old phrase “misery loves company” is true.

FDA example
In June 2011, the FDA posted a preliminary list of their  27 regulations up for review (

This might not sound like much revising and editing until you read the topics. For example, they will revise and update food labeling regulations to make nutrition information on packaged food label more useful to consumer. Sounds like fun? What do you think – fifty or a hundred typewritten pages of editing and re-editing in response to comments?

The other thing scary about their revisions is a lot more than sales of books rests on their decisions. For example they state that existing rules for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)  are inadequate.” So they are going to establish preventive controls for food facilities to reduce morbidity and death from food borne illness. Bet that takes of hundred of pages of revisions too.

Feel better?
Doesn’t the FDA task make your next editing project sound easier? I’m going to keep reminding myself as I read galleys for Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight and revise a third book in my medical medical mystery/suspense series.

Here’s a peek at Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight:
Linda Almquist, who seldom even smiled, laughed.

Richard Varegos had done it again. He had arranged books and a computer on the front counter of the hospital pavilion for a photo shoot. In the resulting glossy, full-color flyer, he sat with at his make-believe teak desk in his supposedly marble-walled office. She read the flyer’s title: THE DIET DOCTOR HAS ANSWERS FOR YOUR WEIGHT PROBLEMS.

Was there no end to his ego?

I hope you want to read more. It’s out later in March. Until then, why not read Coming Flu?

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