Monday, January 21, 2013


Probably million of words are published daily on blogs. How many are read by anyone but the author and a few friends. Similarly millions of words appear in the Congressional Record each year. Have you ever read even a paragraph from the Congressional Record?

What impels you to take time and read a blog? Or for that matter anything?
Think about these questions as you read or write your next blog. And it you’re so inclined, please tell me what you think.

Yes  No  Maybe
__    __     __           I read blogs with catchy titles.
__    __     __           Does humor make a title interesting?
__    __     __           Do personal questions in the title draw you in?

__    __     __            I read blogs that provide me with useful info, i.e. I’m a writer and find writers’ blogs helpful.

__    __     __            I like blogs that mention science.
__    __     __            I like blogs that mention politics.
__    __     __            I like blogs that mention the paranormal.

__    __     __             It’s a habit. I generally read this blog.

__    __     __             I read blogs, which were cited elsewhere.

Maybe writing successful blogs is like writing legislation that is eventually enacted. Otto von Bismark is credited with saying: “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”

In any case, I’m interested in your thoughts. Please make a comment.

JL Greger
Not knowing how to interest others in my blog bugs me.