Thursday, July 11, 2019


Do you like silver jewelry? Have you ever thought about the cost of silver #mining – in terms of environmental #pollution and the health of miners? 

How about visiting Cerro Rico, once the richest #silver mine in the world, with Sara Almquist in the #thriller IGNORE THE PAIN? #Cerro Rico is  in the Andes Mountain range in South America — near Potosí. 

In this thriller, Sara is a #scientist consulting for United States Agency for International Development (USAID). During her work in #Bolivia, she learns too much about the coca trade and inhumane mining practices. She’s rescued by Xave Sack, a mysterious and sexy man from the U.S. embassy in Bolivia.

Besides enjoying suspense and romance as you read this novel, you’ll learn a bit. Did you know miners at Cerro Rico chew #coca (raw ingredient for cocaine) to help them ignore pain, thirst, and hunger while working in the mines? Did you know mercury, used to smelt silver, contaminates the area around the mines?

So, read IGNORE THE PAIN and see parts of South America missed by most tourists. You may not get a great tan but you'll have more adventure.

P.S. I have visited Bolivia and worked as a consultant for USAID. I also did a lot of research for this book.