Thursday, May 23, 2019


Harassment occurs in the work environment. However, it’s often hard to define. 
In the psychological #thriller SHE DIDN”T KNOW HER PLACE, Dana Richardson can’t figure out why her new bosses and colleagues at a state #university are so hostile towards her. All the threats are much more than bad management techniques.

Soon, she suspects staff in the university’s #environmental test #lab are falsifying data to help industrial #polluters meet federal and state standards. Her predecessor died in a freak accident after she began to investigate several labs in the university for embezzlement of funds. 

Finally, Dana realizes she must defy the president of the university and risk being fired or face eventually criminal charges for covering for scientific misconduct and fraud in the in the university.

Despite all the #harassment, Dana does get support and maybe romance from an unlikely source. 

Anyone who has been harassed at work will have empathy for Dana; anyone who has not will learn what it feels like to be unsure of the facts. This novel will also give readers an ideas of dilemmas faced by #scientists.

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